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And you thought concrete was boring...  Here we are on the Internet!

What we can do:

Whatever you want in the way of concrete construction, but to give you an idea, we cover the domestic, industrial, commercial and rural fields. 
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Photo above:  just a small example of our work.

Company Profile

Steve Elliott is the man who makes your ideas more concrete.
(Who writes this stuff?)

Steve started at the tender age of five making mud pies, and it just got away from him.  When asked if he has been in concrete all his life, Steve replied:
  "Not yet!"

Steve can set your mind at ease with his stable foundations of

bulletHIA Membership,
bulletNSW Department of Fair Trading Gold Licence #56645C
bulletACT Master Builders Association Membership.
bulletOver 20 years of local experience.

If Steve accepted a beer with every one of his satisfied customers,
he would be forced into the hotel business!

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